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Glass Options

Glass has a direct effect on the energy efficiency of your windows and doors. A more energy efficient glass product will improve your homes energy performance in every season, so you'll save energy - and money - year-round.

The glass in all North Air windows meets or exceeds industry standards. Glass is also available in a variety of attractive and practical options.

  • Argon Gas Filled

    Thermal performance is improved by replacing the air between the panes of a window with Argon gas, an inert, slow-moving gas. Argon gas helps prevent heat loss to improve energy efficiency.

  • Tinted Glass

    Glass that features a tint can cut down on the amount of glare and heat entering a building. Tints are available in Blue, Grey, or Bronze.

  • Low-E Glass

    Low-E stands for low-emissivity. Emissivity is a measure of how much a glass surface transfers radiant heat.

    Guardian Glass
    ClimaGuard 80/70 delivers superior performance in cold, northern regions with significant heating requirements. It provides superior clarity and uses daylight’s natural beauty to:

    • High levels of light transmission and superior passive solar gain
    • Meets stringent energy-efficiency building codes for colder regions
    • Neutral, colorless appearance
    • Keeps the inside of the home comfortable year-round, especially during severe northern winters.
    • Excellent interior comfort as a result of high thermal insulation and a warm glass surface that eliminates "draft" sensations
    • Low levels of indoor reflectivity
    • Worry-free transportation, handling, stacking, and storing
    • Easily processed-including tempering, laminating, and insulating

    • For more information please see Addtional information related to Guardian's Climaguard 80/70 glass.

  • Obscure Glass

    Obscure glass provides an effective shield without shutting out the sun. Obscure glass is particularly useful for bathrooms, basements or along walkways. North Air offers obscure glass in pebbled or glue chip pattern.

  • Tempered Glass

    Tempered glass offers added strength that is up to four times greater than conventional glass so that when shattered, it breaks into small pieces. It is required as safety glazing in patio doors, entrance doors, and side lights.

  • Triple Glazing

    Triple-glazed windows utilize three panes of glass to dramatically reduce condensation and thermal transfer while insulating as much as 60 per cent better than double-glazed windows. North Air's optional triple-glazed windows offer incredible energy efficiency.